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The open carrier shipping option is the most commonly used shipping option for auto transportation throughout the United States. Open car carriers can range from 2-4 to 8-10 car haulers. Open carriers are used for interstate and intrastate car shipping. 


The enclosed shipping option is typically used among the luxurious and exotics. Tucked inside of a hard or soft sided car hauler, your vehicle will be hidden from the elements of the road. Any vehicle may be shipped enclosed, so don't feel limited! Enclosed carriers are white-gloved transports and have shorter travel times being less cars ship together.


Are you in need of shipping in less than 24 hours? Our elite dispatch team can make it happen! Expedited shipments can be made on any route, any time of the year! Ask your representative today for more details to have your vehicle picked up & delivered as soon as possible!


Moving to Alaska? Spending a year in Hawaii? We can get your vehicle shipped directly to the port of your choice. 

Seven Logistics also services, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and South America. No destination is too far. Ask your representative today and learn more about relocating your vehicle to the location of your choice.